Oatmeal Milk and Honey

Oatmeal Milk and Honey

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Scent: This fragrance oil has a beautiful light aroma that delicately combines the scent of creamy French vanilla, milk, nutty almond, oatmeal and honey.

Description:Our soaps are carefully handcrafted from scratch in small batches with premium luxurious, skin loving ingredients including but not limited to:  organic olive oil, coconut oil, and organic shea butter. We are committed to using cruelty, paraben, phthalateand formaldehydefree ingredients. See below a detailed list of ingredients.

 Ingredients: Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Organic, Sustainably Grown and Sourced Palm Oil (Elaeis Guineensis), Water (Aqua), Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Castor Seed Oil (Ricinus Communis), Phalate and Formaldehyde Free Fragrance Oil, Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis), Skin-Safe Colorants and Biodegradable Glitter.

What you’ll get:You will receive one bar of soap packaged shrinked wrapped and labelled weighing 4-5 oz. Since handcrafted soaps continue to lose water over time, weights may vary slightly. The loss of water is necessary to ensure a gentler, firmer bar of soap.

A note of caution:Our soaps smell edible, but do not consume, they are for external use only. These are all natural soaps; however, some individuals may react to our natural ingredients. Please discontinue use if irritation occurs and if necessary consult a physician.

Make it last: Like all good things, take care of it and it will last longer. To make your soap last, storeit in a dry, ventilated area, keep it away from direct streams of water, allow it to dry between uses, use a slotted soap dish that drainsand do not allow your delicate handcrafted soap to sit in water. Handmade soaps contain glycerin, a natural humectant (i.e. it attracts moisture).   Creating an ideal environment for your soaps will make it last longer and remain firm.


Always Always Consistent!

High quality with exceptional customer service! 

Great and very affordable!

Everything I have ordered has been great and very affordable. I've found that the products also make great gifts!

I absolutely love ImoNatural products because they work!

My hair and skin get the care they need. I can also feel safe using it on my children because I know exactly what the ingredients are. To top it all off, the butters and cremes smell amazing!

Better than the "luxury products" I've previously purchased in stores

I love the light, non greasy feel of ImoNatural's products. They have great prices and you get a lot of product for your money's worth.

Its been about 2-3 years since i started using ImoNatural products on myself, my son and especially my 6 year old daughter. I previously purchased the store brands but found them to be harsh and loaded with chemicals. They weighed down my daughters hair and were usually greasy and ineffective in detangling my daughters hair.

ImoNatural products are very light, non-greasy and work wonders on my daughters hair. The Coconut Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner is not only a favourite but an absolute must-have in our household. Excellent products!

Very satisfied!

I love the variety of scents and the portion sizes!

They're natural, free of bad chemicals, and they work!
Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah , Vancouver BC

I've been using ImoNatural products for over 4 years now and I can't imagine using any other product on my skin and hair. They're natural, free of bad chemicals, and they work! My hair, in particular, looks and feels amazing. When I made the transition from permed to natural hair, I knew that it was important to also move towards products that would make my hair and skin healthy and beautiful and that I could wholeheartedly recommend to others because I knew that they would be safe for the tiniest baby, as well as a grown adult. I love the products and am truly a committed devotee.

I love the texture and fragrances!

My skin is very dry but after using the Coconut Lemon Body Butter, I am now smooth all day long. My skin feels young and rejuvenated!

You know a product is good when it's not harmful to children and adults alike
T. Mangal , United Kingdom

For years, my little girl was petrified to shampoo or comb her hair because she has tight, very long and thick hair. ImoNatural's Coconut Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner detangled and softened her hair and gave me 3 hours of my life back!

The hair and body creme products are all natural and particularly effective in the winter months when my skin gets considerably dry. The ingredients are not foreign to me. They have been carefully selected from the reservoir of Mother Nature. My daughter's hair is now manageable and glistening. Never have I been able to use a body creme on my skin and in my hair as well. No disclaimers are required, this stuff is the real deal!!

Nothing but a great experience!

The products are amazing! Fresh, light scents, moisturizing - with ingredients you can pronounce. Great customer service and quality products.