Piece of Paradise Box

A must-have summer self-care package for a tropical escape, void of restriction.

  • Limited edition box with unique never before offered products
  • Clean, natural, safe, effective products with lush ingredients you can trust 
  • Hair and body products for supple skin and long lasting moisture

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Treat Yourself to the
Perfect Island Getaway!

Celebrate a summer of self-care that has been well earned over the past year.
Treat yourself or a special someone to A Piece of Paradise.

The Piece of Paradise Box is a limited edition collection of skin and hair care essentials, curated by beauty brand ImoNatural and Lifestyle Influencer & Digital Content Creator, Jenn Jackson.

If you’ve missed the joys of travel and love self-care, then this box is for you! Enjoy a lush luxurious island escape with a tropical fusion of fresh mango, juicy pineapples and creamy coconut.

Rasheeda Wright
Founder of ImoNatural

Jenn Jackson
Lifestyle Influencer & Digital Content Creator

Handmade with Love

At ImoNatural, we pride ourselves in creating natural, cruelty-free products inspired by a deep love of using the Earth’s bounty to feed our hair and skin. We are on a mission to return skin and hair care back to basics with clean, all-natural, and luxurious ingredients.

All of which can be found in this limited Paradise edition box.

High Quality Ingredients

Carefully selected, high quality ingredients and uncompromising standards 

Free Shipping

Use Code PARADISE2021 for free shipping on all Canadian & U.S. Paradise Box orders

What's Inside
the Box?

Inside your Paradise Box, discover all the tropical goodness and none of the toxicity with 5 full sized products to suit your unique beauty needs.

+ Loofah and Wooden Scoop Included

Island Vibes

Exfoliating Body Scrub (8 oz)


Be transported to a tropical paradise. A fruity blend of mandarin, lime, tangerine, kumquat, ripe pineapple delicately blended with base notes of creamy coconut and a touch of vanilla. Escape in your shower and feel the island vibes everyday. 


  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Locks in moisture without a greasy feel
  • Keeps skin deliciously soft and supple right out of the shower (amazing for those with extra dry skin)
  • Lightweight for easy absorption

Pineapples in Paradise

Hair and Body Crème (8 oz)

Iced Pineapple

Pineapple over ice please. This scent will transport you to an is island paradise. Nothing says a tropical escape like the refreshing tropical blend of ripened fresh cut pineapples. Bringing the island to your shower with iced pineapple. 


  • Locks in moisture without a greasy feel
  • Keeps skin deliciously soft and supple all day long (amazing for those with extra dry skin)
  • Lightweight for easy absorption

Tropical Sunset

Natural Soap (5 oz)

Love Spell

Our handmade handcrafted all natural soaps are made in small batches with premium luxurious, skin loving ingredients including but not limited to: organic olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond and castor oil. This skin loving soap will leave you clean without stripping the moisture from your skin. 


  • Free from synthetic detergents
  • Prevents the stripping and dehydration of your skin

Blended Not Stirred

Body Oil (8 oz)

Pina Colada

What’s a tropical vacation without a Pina Colada. This body oil is a sweet yet warm tropical blend of pineapple and coconut. 


  • Multi-use and versatility: Foot soak, hot oil hair treatment, massage, after shower oil
  • Lightweight for easy absorption

Mango Tango

Hand Poured Candle (8 oz)

Mango Coconut

A complex tropical fusion of fresh ripe mango pineapples, oranges and a hint of peach balanced with creamy coconut and rich vanilla.


  • Sustainable and responsibly sourced
  • Natural and clean burn

Get Your Piece of Paradise Today!

With this limited edition box, receive a never before offered set of 5 uniquely created products to satisfy your summer needs.  

FREE SHIPPING on all Canadian and U.S. Paradise Box Orders with Code: PARADISE 2021


Customer Reviews

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What People Are Saying

“When I say I’m OBSESSED with @imonatural product line, it’s FREAKIN TRUE!

The products are so gentle yet very effective in moisturizing my skin AMAZINGLY! One of the best things about it is my skin doesn’t feel tight and dry after washing. It feels soft, smooth and very supple! Feels like a baby’s skin. I love this product for the ULTIMATE glow and my skin stays hydrated.”

- Maureen M.

“I have been using the hair and body crème products on my hair and skin for years. It’s the only thing I use. When I put the crème on my hair, my tangles just MELT. It leaves my hair moisturized and soft. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff! Subtle but SOOO good!”

Hair and Body Crème

“Used your scrub for the first time today. 1. The smell is like heaven. 2. Scrub texture is perfection. 3. Felt so moisturized afterwards… What sorcery have you concocted. It was divine!"

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

“Lightweight and perfect on my skin in the summer months when heavy products are less necessary.”

Body Oil

“Perfect for my eczema prone dry skin because it cleanses without stripping.”

Handmade Soap

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